2005-07-16 - Salmon Festival - Grand Falls, NF

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Re: New Threat

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Flamenco wrote:I'd love to hear anyones thoughts on the new tune!
Call me an idiot, but I haven't heard it and I don't remember them playing any new stuff at Salmon Fest. Anyone care to fill me in? I've been out of every single loop for the last month or so, it seems. LOL.

Moncton is a month from today!!! :mrgreen:

EDIT: Never mind, I assume you're talking about No Threat, or at least I think that's what it's called as of now. Anyway, it seemed pretty sweet, but I'll have to give it another listen, preferably at a time when I'm not being crushed against the stage. Haha. I'm keep an ear out for it in Moncton.
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thehip11 wrote:
And on another note from the show, I was hoping that they'd do Fiddler's Green. Does anyone have an idea of roughly the last time they did that in concert?
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