11/03/07: Hogansburg: All Inn Lounge

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Re: 11/03/07: Hogansburg: All Inn Lounge

Post by sean.bonner »

I'm listening to this show right now, and it is super funny reading this thread.

I consider this show infamous now! I would love to hear more stories from this shit show if anyone has any more!
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Re: 11/03/07: Hogansburg: All Inn Lounge

Post by mookytc »

I briefly commented the Monday after the show but seeing the thread again brought back some memories. Yes this shit show was a righteous train wreck. The night before in Rochester was an epic event. The crowd was rocking and the band was in great form. This should have most like been the last show of the tour but someone must have convinced management to make a stop before crossing the border to put this new "venue" on the map.

My normal protocol when making road trips was to call the venue to get the band start time, doors open, etc. just in case something strange would happen on the way (vehicle problems, etc). Called from work that week and discussed the show with an employee who stated tickets were going fast. Informed I had a couple of tickets but he asked "did you know we have a VIP section"? Was like no and it was stated there were 2 left. I said I'll buy them if you can take my credit card over the phone. He did and we made an agreement to meet at the venue in the afternoon so I could pick these up and actually sell the two GA ones I had already possessed.

Had a room at the nearby casino (more on the late later) so went there to chill for a bit before the evening. Got to the venue and VIP had the gold star treatment. Own line to get in, bathrooms, free beers and smokes, it was insane. GA patrons were lined up outside and were not happy once in to find out after the last row of VIP there a was larger security "gate". This would have been about the 14-15th row mark and that is as far as one could get. I believe we were the only two Hip fans in VIP. The crowd up front was all community folks and dignitaries. Remember one woman in the front row who must have been an elder stateswoman sitting with a blanket on.

The venue itself was just a rectangular, aluminum warehouse with a flat concrete floor. Again it was a total recipe for disaster. Joel Plaskett and Emergency rocked as they did in Rochester the night before. The community folks were really get fueled up on the free beer and smokes too. I will never forget the Hip taking the stage. Paul looked out and had to turn his back to the crowd as he could not stop laughing due to the set up of the venue. Twelve - thirteen rows of the communities people there for an event who probably did not know who the Hip were(?). He had a hard time facing forward for the first minute or two of the show. It then got ugly quick. Servers were going through the crowd with trays of free drafts and smokes fueling the crowd even more. Believe glow sticks or some kind of toys were handed out too and those were showering the stage right from the get go. Few times after songs the band turned their back to the crowd for a minute or so with the lights down in an attempt to calm things down. Hip security was right up front keeping an eye on things. The should be a good Gord rant about the audience showing their appreciation within the recorded event as well. We figured no way will they finish this show but to their credit they did.

We got out of their as fast as we could and to top off a perfect night (our VIP seats really hooked us up) the hotel room was covered with lady bugs. All the walls, the bed you name it. Called the front desk who stated sorry all sold out. Again an epic Hip evening - tale from a great tour and days gone by.

Cheers All,

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