07/11/07: Seattle: Marrymoor Park

Been to a show and would like to give a review?

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Post by NegPhil »

robert goulet wrote:
rsorbo wrote:I agree...great show!
Mellow though and not nearly as many people as I thought. I mean I've never got to kick back on a lawn chair drinking a beer 20-feet from the stage at a Hip show!
The WOMAD show at the same venue was more packed and standing room only as I remember.
I got there about 3:30 and was like the sixth person in line. Got to hear the sound check which was cool--Ocean, Membership and Lake Fever.
Oh...and I'm a Sadies convert now. They were also great and I plunked down $20 for the double-live CD.
I can't believe two Hip shows coming through the Seattle area in less than four months!



I just put this picture up as my desktop and noticed myself in the picture. Yes sir, that's me sporting my black Seattle Mariners cap. I also spotted myself or the back of myself in a picture linked to Hipfan.com.

At this early point in the show I was still keeping my ponytail hidden under my hat. I swear Robbie and I were the only men in the place with hair. I find I get messed with if I go out in public with my hair down. Later that night it got so hot I had to let it down. Sure enough within seconds some drunk square came smashing his way up front and started to slam into me. Being a master of the jedi mind trick I turned to him, pointed my finger in his face and said "NO!" The guy turned around and slammed into the people behind us but they didn't take it so well. The dude behind me went after the drunk like Homer trying to strangle Bart. I just tucked my hair back under my hat and went back to the show. I think the dude who dealt with the drunk is the guy who took the second picture. Great show.

I forgot to mention that I sparked up a joint during Membership. That went over like a fart in church. I mean come on people enlighten up. After all I bought the damn papers from The Tragically Hip!

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Post by daylight »

Man, I wish I'd hit this show instead of the Calgary one.
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Post by day_for_night »

Tthip wrote:Ocean
Music @ Work
Grace, Too
Lake Fever
Nautical Disaster
In View
Dire Wolf
World Container
New Orleans Is Sinking
Ahead By A Century
The Kids Don't Get It
Fully Completely
Little Bones
Family Band
Fire In The Hole
what in the hell?! Calgary gets the "greatest hits" setlist, and seattle gets membership, dire wolf, lake fever, and fire in the hole?!?

life isn't fair...
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Post by Spycouple »

I'm a week ahead of schedule, but the "non-greatest hits" DVD from Marymoor Park is now up an seeding on the tracker thingy:


Grab it while supplies last! Seats are limited!! Not valid with other promotional offers!!! Offer only good in the continental United States and territories (Canada included)!!!!

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Post by Woodrov »

Just finished watching the DVD of this show (again). Dire Wolf = fantastic.

It's cold and rainy here today. Remembering 100 F, sunny, and hitting up a kareoke bar afterwards since the show ended around 10:00. Great times. Still looking up here for Mac and Jack's African Amber (one of the 15-ish beers on tap there). Sadly, I don't think they bottle the stuff.
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Post by restlesssoul »

[quote="VioletLite"]Absolutely bloody brilliant. What a great show. First time I have seen 'Dire Wolf' live. I'm so happy. Though not as happy as that lucky b*tch in the front row who got her fingers kissed and nibbled by Gord. (I thought that may have turned in to an intro for 'Last night I dreamed' but alas, it was not to be). A wonderful show as always. 'Kids' was AWESOME!!!!! Thanks so much!!! :thumb:[/quote]

gotta say, out of all the hip shows I've been to, this one stands out. Unreal venue, beatiful day. Walked up to front row early with no problem. Had front row the whole show. The bitch that got her fingers nibbled by Gord? She was my girlfriend, and I gave her hand to Gord. He didn't like hers, so he took mine. Fingers in the mouth. Pretty Crazy. I believe it was during Grace, Too. I just loved this show. Of course the couple of rares we got and ending with Fire In The Hole was what I wanted the most and got it!


if anybody has any pictures they can link, i would love to see them because im probably in them.
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