2016-08-20 - Kingston, Ontario

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Re: 2016-08-20 - Kingston, Ontario

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FighterAndLover wrote:Is anyone else surprised/troubled 'Springtime in Vienna' didn't make the setlist?
Very surprised. First thing that stood out to me.
"We're forced to bed, but we're free to dream"
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Re: 2016-08-20 - Kingston, Ontario

Post by Moosehead »

Hey so it's on TV again! :)
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Re: 2016-08-20 - Kingston, Ontario

Post by chagrinfalls »

wow, that's a deep catalogue when you pull out 'giftshop' for the unexpected third encore. amazing show all over again. & with a post script that says the CBC will present a 2 hour special in October (I can't remember, did it say Oct or Sept?) about the tour. :)
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Re: 2016-08-20 - Kingston, Ontario

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One year ago, seems like a lifetime away.
"we've only got three hundred feet to go ..."
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Re: 2016-08-20 - Kingston, Ontario

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thebends wrote:One year ago, seems like a lifetime away.
For me it seems only a few months ago. A year ago seems crazy. It flew by
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Re: 2016-08-20 - Kingston, Ontario

Post by danieljamesgirard »

August 20, 2016
Kingston, Ontario
A man gave his eulogy tonight
A thirty part elegy that began O’ Canada
In all thy sons command. I keep it tucked up under
My fifty mission cap. I worked it in my, Courage
It couldn’t come at a worse time. Tragedy
Consists in the necessity of living
With the consequences. You can’t be fond of living
In the past. ‘Cause if you are there’s no way
You’re going to last.
Let’s just see what tomorrow brings.
A generation so much dumber
Than its parents came crashing through the window.
Just give me the news. It can all be lies.
Everything is quiet. A little super dangerous,
Quiet enough to hear God rustlin’ around in the bushes.
In your eyes, what love looks like, it’s still the longest thing that I do.
It’s so hard to wonder why when you don’t feel worthy.
I write about words I find treasure
Or worse. I watch the end of a man.
Everything is bleak. It’s the middle of the night.
You’re all alone. Want to be a nobody without peer.
Want to be a thought that’s never done. So you won’t
Have to rise and fall alone. And I’m starting
To choke on the things I say. Bring on a brand new
Renaissance ‘cause I think I’m ready.
Nothing’s changed anyway, any time today.
Famous last words taken all wrong wind up
On the very same pile. When the mystique varies
Thus, you can send a man to bury us. Outside
There’s hectic action. Don’t tell me
What the poets are doing on the street
And the epitome of vague. I saw the constellations
Reveal themselves one star at a time.
Isn’t it amazing what you can accomplish when
The little sensation gets in your way. Sometimes
I feel so good I got to scream. Gordie, baby, I know
Exactly what you mean. I swear to God.
See when it starts to fall apart, man, it really
Falls apart. Sometimes the faster it gets
The less you need to know. But you gotta remember
The smarter it gets, the further it’s going to go.
I had this dream where I relished the fray and the screaming
Filled my head. It’s been a pleasure
Doing business with you. If you’re prepared
Here’s what I propose we do. The secret
Rules of engagement are hard to enforce when the appearance of
Conflict meets the appearance of force. Passion out of machine
Revving tension and after a glimpse over the top the rest of
The world becomes a gift shop. And disappointing you
Is getting me down. No dress rehearsal, this is our life.
You are ahead by a century.
Thank you. Merci beaucoup.
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Re: 2016-08-20 - Kingston, Ontario

Post by robbroncs »


this was the day i sat in a hotel room balling watching a group of amazing men say good-bye, the best possible way they could.

a few days later, i found out an extremely dear friend, who was almost a big brother to me, who also shaped me the way i am now, ended his life earlier on this day. he was a fan, but not a massive fan. he probably didnt even know about this show. but the fact that i could lose such a large chunk of my major influences in one day, will never let me forget this day..... and its importance i will continue to celebrate annually.

i miss you dearly, justin... and the hip
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Re: 2016-08-20 - Kingston, Ontario

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Five years.
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