2002-08-02 - Molson Amphitheatre - Toronto, ON

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2002-08-02 - Molson Amphitheatre - Toronto, ON

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Holy crap!!!!!!!!!!!! All I have to say is totally spectacular. They really mixed it up compared to the first night. There were so many surprises and Gord was right on key. The crowd down on the floor was really great. I saw a buddy I waited in line with for Lee's Palace tickets back in February and I saw him at the Toronto Premier show as well. I poked him on this shoulder and he remembered exactly who I was. Great seeing ya Owen!!!

Well here's the songs from the night. In order by album.


Little Bones
Longtime Running!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crowd was so excited!!!

Fully Completely:
100th Meridian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talking about Having to Forget or something like that again in the middle!!!!!!!!!!!
Locked in the Trunk of a Car
50MC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Definite crowd please

Grace, Too
Nautical Disaster
Scared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was awesome!!! Lighters came out

Springtime in Vienna

Phantom Power:

[email protected]:
My Music at Work
Puttin Down

Are You Ready
Darkest One
Good Life
Silver Jet
All Tore Up
The Dire Wolf
A Beautiful Thing

I had more fun then the first night. The setlist was totally awesome!!! Probably one of my favorite shows of all time!!! I can't wait til they're back again!!!!! Happy Hipping to you alls!!!

Jamie I.
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Post by Drez7 »

The most fun I had at a Hip show to date. Ride down from Buffalo was pretty smooth, only a few traffic delays...but we were listening to some live shows the whole way down getting ourselves prepared for what I knew would be a great time. When we arrived I was lucky enough to find a great parking spot just inside the gates (which is why we got out of there in only 5 minutes after). The amphitheatre was beautiful, the beer lines were 30-40 people deep right up until the Hip took stage. The Watchmen sounded nice, the sun was just going down as they ended. Scattered "Hip, Hip, Hip" chants filled the lawn section as the crowd started to get a little anxious. Then the violet lights came on and the crowd eruppted. The crowd was great back on the lawn, people dancing and singing along all night...we were dead center and a great view of the whole stage. The big screens of to each side of the stage were very nice to see some closeps of the guys. The light show aspect of the show was pretty cool, much better than NYC, but the bigger venue would probably be why. The sound, I thought, was very impressive, could here almost every word. I was hoping the night would never end, but it did and on a great note. Two encores was more than I could ask for.

Here is the setlist, in order:

Silver Jet (Cool opener, Cookie Factory outro)
Music @ Work
Grace, Too (Knew it was coming, only a matter of when)
Darkest One (Gord booted the big beach ball that landed on stage right as the song finished, pretty funny!)
Bobcaygeon (That night in Toronto!!)
Nautical Disaster
Good Life
100th Meridian (Is life all about forgetting?)
Something On (It's true, it's you..And you and you)
Springtime in Vienna
A Beautiful Thing
Poets (Swim, not to me, not to him, swim!)
Dire Wolf
Locked In The Trunk of a Car
Are You Ready (Short but sweet, no 2002 show is complete w/o it)
Little Bones (Did Gord really fall off monitor or was it staged? He was going insane...great set closer)

Long Time Running (The lighters were everywhere)
All Tore Up (Love this song)
50 MC (1st time I've seen it live, def. my favorite of the night!!)

Scared (Beautiful Timing, Great Vocals)
New Orleans Is Sinking (Standard version, still rocked, great way to end this memorable night)

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Re: 2002-08-02 - Molson Amphitheatre - Toronto, ON

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